Frequently asked questions

Do you take difficult color correction ?

Yes ! The more difficult the better for me ! I'm enjoying it and have a lot of knowledge in color chemistry.

How long does it take to fix my hair ?

Good question but the answer is different for everyone, it depends on your color history and the color you like to achieve, send me WhatsApp and I give you online consultation.

How much does it cost ?

Good color takes time and lots of good products, price depends on your color history, color you like to achieve, your hair quality, and time we need to spend on your hair .Send me WhatsApp so I can give you online consultation or see PRICE GUIDE online

Do you cut hair as well ?

Yes , I love cutting hair as well. I believe it gives finishing look to your new color. My French haircuts result in sexy wash-and-wear hair containing several different looks in each style.

Can I have consultation first ?

Yes ! Please ! It is very good idea to have online consultation with me at first, just send me WhatsApp

My hair color seems to fade or turn brassy no matter what I do. Why?

Oxidation (the way dye molecules change when exposed to air) and minerals in your water can turn dyed hair brassy. You can’t prevent it, but you can slow it by avoiding harsh shampoos, hot irons, and the sun, which all speed fading. Products that can help protect your colored locks are Kerastase Reflection.To truly keep your hue the best it can be, come in for a touch-up every 4-6 weeks.

Why does red fade faster than other colors?

The molecules in red dye are larger than those of other colors and don’t penetrate as well into the hair cuticle. That’s why reds are notorious for being the fastest fading shades, so you may have to visit your salon more frequently than women with other hues. Using products designed for color-treated hair and protecting your hair from the sun can help extend your color.

When my roots grow out, should I color just the top two inches?

Actually, no. You want to make sure that not only your roots are covered, but also that your hair stays all one color. This takes two steps. Your colorist apply a demi/permanent shade in the desired hue to your roots, and then refresh the rest of your hair with a second dye that’s one shade lighter.

How to prepare for my hair appointment ?

visit NEW CLIENT page

May i pay by card ?

No, we do not have a card reader. Cash only.