My name is Dmitry

41 years of age and 25 of them I am living in NL

I started hairdressing at DESSANGE salon, where I got my knowledge of French hair cutting and coloring techniques from DESSANGE and CAMILLE ALBANE academy in Brussels. That was the happiest 7 years of my basic training by talented hair gurus. Driving by desire learning more I have worked 2 years for Toni&Guy salons in Netherland 

13 years ago I felt strong and confident enough to start working for myself, thins then I had my salons in the centrum of Den Haag, an online school for hairdressers, giving workshops,

and found my passion for hair coloring by studying more deeply chemical processes of color pigments.

I never stop learning, every day I try to improve my knowledge.


Specializing in hair color but I am very good at haircuts as well.

1997 Patrick Cameron training 

1998-2006 DESSANGE training center Brussels  

1999 Nederlandse kappers academy training  

1998-2006 DESSANGE salon DenHaag 

2003 L'Oreal in-salon color training  

2003 RENE FURTERER training  

2004 KERASTASE training  

2004 Patrick Cameron training 

2005 Boston Trader for ARMANI show

2006 L'Oreal  color academy  

2006-2007 Tony&Guy Amsterdam salon training  

2006-2007 Tony&Guy Rotterdam salon 

2006 Sam Sawyers training   

2006-2007 Tony&Guy Den Haag salon 

2006 first Dmitry RomanoFF salon Den Haag  

2015 introducing THERMO CUT in Den Haag

2016 certificate by BIRBICIDE 

2016 OLAPLEX introduction  

2017 MalibuC   training 


2017 Color Contouring Wella professionals 

2017 Guy Tang demo 

2017 Patric Cameron 2017 

2017 Top Rated salon by Treatwell 

2017 Vidal Sassoon training 

2017 Aksioma color training 

2018 Air Flow highlights training  

2018 Dim-out training

2018 AirTouch training 

2018 Alfaparf pigment

2018 GUY TANG  

2018 Top Rated salon   

2019 Kardi webinar 

2020 Yuliya Burnussova webinar

2020 Teperikova color studio webinar

2020 Teperikova hair studio webinar BIOLOGIQUE COLOR OFF

2020 Teperikova hair studio webinar - COLOR BATH

2020 Olga Kardi- progressive color 1.0 education

2020 Olga Kardi- color start webinar

2020 Burnussova Yuliya - Chemie of color pigments 

2021 Sifiya Roznovskaya - Busines Marketing 

Pretty Girl in Red Shirt


  Very nice, expert in haircoloring and I’ve got an amazing new hairlook. Excellent!

Image by Daniel Corneschi


Beautiful highlights once again! Dmitry knows how to make my blond hair a true blond colour and not brassy or yellow-ish.

Image by Christopher Campbell


 Dmitry is fantastic, he takes the time and puts a lot of care into his work. I am glad to have found a new hair stylist who knows what he's doing!